‚ÄúNothing is sexier than confidence!‚ÄĚ


Belle Accessories is a premier online shop in Trinidad & Tobago.

Belle is the embodiment of female beauty.

At Belle, we cater to YOU in all the multi-faceted glory that you are by providing you with exquisite fashion accessories to suit your unique style.

Whether you are Strong and Sexy or Delicate and Dainty or even Bohemian Chic, our range of affordable fashion pieces will be sure to make you feel extra beautiful.


Apart from individual pieces, we also provide you with the opportunity to give the gift of beauty to yourself or someone special via our pre set Belle Boxes which come in 4 unique style profiles: GLAM, DAINTY, BOHO & BEAUTY.

Also, feel free to create a personalized box as a gift by choosing items and clicking the make it a gift option at checkout for premier packaging or choose one of our preset Belle Boxes mentioned above.  Please refer to our Belle Boxes link here http://www.belleaccessories.net/what-are-belle-boxes/ for more information on these exclusive options.


Finally, we at Belle pride ourselves not only on great finds but also on providing you, our valued customer with excellent customer service. We hope to create a loyal fan base by honouring you through our exclusive¬†giveaways, promotions and customer appreciation services. Our main aim is to create a community where women can share styling tips and photos and not only look beautiful on the outside but also feel beautiful on the inside…because when a woman looks beautiful, she feels beautiful and when she feels beautiful, she is¬†unstoppable!

We are all beautiful in our own unique way, so let us work towards empowering each other so that our beauty transcends the exterior and radiates from within.

Go forth Belle Beauties! Be Strong, Be Beautiful. Be You.

Love and Light,


Director of Belle Accessories

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