Please ensure that you acknowledge the nature of our jewelry before you make your purchase.  Our accessories are Fashion pieces which means that they are coated in 14k gold & rhodium, silver, copper, brass and enamel plated materials NOT solid gold/silver. Fashion jewelry is affordable and easily accessible to make you look good without breaking the bank on solid gold and silver pieces! So of course, as this type of jewelry is cheaper, when exposed to moisture, oils, salts and acids, fashion jewelry will tarnish over time. Therefore special care is required to ensure a longer lifespan.




  • Wipe each piece with a soft clean cloth after wear to remove any sweat/perfume/chemicals/moisture
  • Do not mix your jewelry pieces all together after you’ve removed them. Store them properly.
  • Store fashion jewelry in jewelry case/ box/ plastic bag away from moisture and humidity. There are special strips or bags or materials which can be used to absorb moisture such as silica bags and 3M’s Silver Protector Strips.
  • Buy a can of glossy acrylic spray from Samaroo’s. You can ask them about a glossy/shiny finish spray to protect your pieces and prevent fashion jewelry from tarnishing. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the can so you do not damage your items.
  • Do not spray perfume/body sprays on your body with jewelry on
  • Remove jewelry when going to shower, swim or exercise


Follow these tips to maintain your beautiful pieces for a long time!

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